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The last traveling day… Ain’t it sad? Not really 🙂 It’s not the last day on Earth after all, so why don’t we just stop grieving and go party, right? We all agreed on that and went downtown to just fuck around! Nice way to say goodbye to Kemer, a great city where we all let our guards down and brought to life filthiest fantasies! Sarah showed us the notorious orange garden, and I gave my bf a blow job right there in front of everyone! That felt like the most normal thing to do. Anyway, who decides what normal is? Some say being faithful and having zero sex after few years of marriage is normal. We think being normal means having fun whenever and wherever you can, experimenting with your sex life, doing anything but growing boring at Porn Traveling. Don’t you agree?
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So we continue investigating bottomless world of sex! When all the girls gathered in hotel room, we decided to have some fun without men 🙂 All-girl party, that doesn’t only sound but actually is pretty exciting! Sex toys can’t replace a fat cock on regular basis, but you can use those when you want to try some lesbian action with your girlfriends! Green dildo went from one pussy to another, entering girls holes deep and working on them real good 🙂 Still, dildos make you miss real dicks pretty soon, so after a while we all returned to our men for a portion of hard skillful fucking! As you must have figured, we prepared most kinky stuff for dessert! Wanna see an insane anal fuck session with hot blonde and meaty black cock? You got it! Press play and enjoy 🙂

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This morning Rita woke up before me, which is quite unusual. I thought she wouldn’t talk to me after what happened yesterday, but when I opened my eyes, I saw her smiling face and was a little shocked. She said she would cook breakfast for me and went to the kitchen leaving me lying speechless on the bed. But after I took a shower and followed her to the kitchen, I realized why she was all so polite and charming… There she was, in the kitchen, naked.. Fingering Polina’s pussy. That scene turned me on and made me angry at the same time.. But then I thought Rita had a right to pay me back like that. So I didn’t say anything about the cheating part, let her suck my cock for a while.. And we finally made up 🙂 Couples shouldn’t fight about such stupid things, especially when those are part of their work at Porn Traveling.
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Rita is the most skillful blow job artist. At least she tops my list. Girls who I dated before, were they in the industry or not, sucked at it. Sucked at sucking, so to say 🙂 Some didn’t enjoy the process, some tried their best and still were not good. And Rita is a blowjob princess, for real. She loves to feel my cock in her mouth, and she can take it real deep, almost the whole shaft.. I’m floating on air when she’s on her knees sucking me.. It makes me wanna be the best for her, too. This time we escaped to a great deserted island. Grand view, sharp rocks and big waves. Naked girl against this breathtaking background. I couldn’t help my hard-on and fucked gorgeous Rita right there. Then, when the sun went down, we went to a local club to see travesty show.

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Hi, it’s Katya again! 🙂 I’m gonna let you know what happened on the sixth day of our awesome vacation in Turkey! We have spent almost a week here, so we got all loosened up, you know. We’ve seen each other naked, high, fucking, going crazy. I can’t think of anything that would surprise me after such a wild sex week. The idea of group sex came to my mind all of a sudden. I discussed it with my boyfriend, and he found it brilliant! Well, of course he did 🙂 I thought as much.I can’t believe myself when I realize that few weeks earlier the mere thought of sharing a man with someone would scare the shit out of me! And look at me now, suggesting a group fuck 🙂 Everybody loved the idea except Max, who was pissed at Vika for some reason at Porn Traveling.
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Maybe because she preferred a hot well-hung mulatto guy to him, who knows! I would be pissed, too 😀 Anyway, five participants was more then enough for a good group sex video. We had so much fun fucking like crazy and watching each other! Just take a look.So, like I said, this vacation changed my life in a way. I’m even considering open relationships right now. I mean, what’s so wrong about loving someone and doing other guys just for fun? I thought I should give it a try. So I asked our mulatto friend Daisy out. We went to the bar, had few drinks and got horny… Never tried a black cock before! That thought made me shiver and wet my panty, I could hardly wait. Then we got upstairs and… Well, that legend about well-hung black guys is not a legend at all!

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Today we finally saw a waterfall, but we had no chance of making love there. Too many people around! Then I decided to teach Polina to drive a motorbike. I showed her how to start it, what pedals to press, but she was too scared to drive by herself. Anyway, we found another way to use a motorbike, a much more interesting way. Polina looked so hot in a helmet, like some bike-show chick. She took off everything except her helmet, and I got really hard! Man, I’ll never forget that extreme sex of ours! Banging a chick on a motorbike on a deserted road – what can be better than that? Fucking on a motorbike is quite dangerous, as you can fall from it, but believe me, it’s worth the risk! You don’t believe me? Well, either watch this video or try it yourself at Porn Traveling!
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Before going to the beach I asked Polina to try on her bathing suits for me. She made a real show for me, my sexy cutie. We had a very relaxing time on the beach, eating fruits, drinking cocktails, chatting and joking. Then Rita and Eric joined us. While Eric was riding a bycicle, Polina massaged Rita, applying coconut oil all over her tanned body. Damn, it looked so sexy! Polina massaging Rita’s back, thighs and butt, Rita purring with pleasure. I just couldn’t help getting hard! Maybe I’d try to join them, but there were too many people around, and besides, Rita is Eric’s girlfriend. Though maybe he would join us too… Anyway, I had no other choice but to watch those nasty girls teasing me 🙂

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It’s the last day of our amazing vacation in Thailand. Never expected it to be so sad. Saying goodbye to a beautiful place like this. This day had to be eventful and memorable. We woke up early in the morning, Rita took a shower and I tenderly wiped her sexy body with a towel. Then we quickly got dressed and went to see sacred sites we heard so much about. That was extremely entertaining, and Rita even wanted to have sex in the temple of Buddha, but I couldn’t let her talk me into that. Even though we are shooting amateur porn, we can’t be so disrespectful to other people’s beliefs. So we didn’t do anything dirty in the temple and left to find a better place for our naughty games at Porn Traveling.
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Rita and I both didn’t want our last trip sex to be in the house. Too boring and predictable. So we looked for a perfect place. It had to be placid but at the same time a little risky. We found one on the beach near our house. It was hidden behind massive rocks, but still there were tourists who could notice us any second. We didn’t want the camera to distract us, so we asked our friend Christina to shoot our farewell fuck. Rita was so passionate, she started with sucked on my dick, and I got rock hard pretty soon. Then I told her to bend over and penetrated her from behind. I moaned and groaned as I fucked her fiercely on the beach. Hope you won’t be disappointed as well. It was such an awesome vacation in all senses. And the best thing about it was spending so much time with my number one girl 🙂

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This is the first day of our great adventure! Still can’t believe we managed to talk our friends into this whole sex traveling thing. When I say we, I mean me and my sexy girlfriend. We’ve been together for a while now. She’s gorgeous and such a good fuck, you have no idea! Though we’re absolutely crazy about each other, we can’t be happy leading a normal life like everybody else does. We’re thrill seekers who love sex too much to let it turn into routine. So we called up our close friends and set up for a real wild vacation! Our friends are crazy heads as well, by the way. My buddy Daisy and his girl Sarah agreed to go right away. They are dating, but have some sort of open relationships I guess, cause they are too full of love to be monogamous, so to say at Porn Traveling.
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Also we took along Max and Vika, who got excited about filming more than about anything else. We started shooting yet in the airport… Ain’t these chicks gorgeous? 😀 Couldn’t wait to get to the point of our destination, which was Turkey (!), where we could finally start our porn traveling adventure! Soon after we arrived we went exploring our awesome hotel on the stony beach. And found more than enough places where we could get naughty and dirty! Then decided to have some rest after the flight and broke up for a while. Daisy and Sarah didn’t seem tired though, so they took the cam to their room, and I knew right away they wouldn’t have any rest at all. Instead they filmed one hard sex session, in which Max also happened to take part, cause Sarah wanted a threesome and wouldn’t get satisfied other way. Me and my sexy lady also celebrated our arrival with great fuck!

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Yesterday night was awesome! I think I tried bdsm for the first time in my life… It’s ok though, cause that person was my boyfriend and he likes being tied up 🙂 Sometimes he bounds me, too. Role games, heard of those? Kinky, kinky, kinky 🙂 I knew he’d pay me back in the morning. Our sex life is a never-ending chain of revenge actions 😀 So today that bastard did the most irritating thing.. He waited until I got all dressed up and ready to go.. and started seducing me, and undressing me, and making me such a big mess! He knows I both hate and can’t help it :)Sarah didn’t waste her time either. At times I envy her, but in a good, not evil kind of way 🙂 You just can’t react other way but be a little jealous, cause she’s blonde, sexy, dates such a hot muscular mulatto guy, and they give each other a green light each time they wanna fuck someone else at Porn Traveling!
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These guys live life to the full. Today they tried outdoor fucking, Sarah told me everything in details. She, Daisy and Max found one cool orange garden and filmed a great hardcore scene there! This video is a must-see, I swear!And guess what happened next? Sarah lent her boyfriend to Vika. Just like that, you think of it! Lending your man to another girl! For the whole damn night. This is sick! One must be so self-confident to do such a thing. Daisy and Vika spent few freaking hours fucking! Which is already a deed. I’ve just watched their private videos. Hot, hot, hot! Made me so fucking horny I think I’m gonna explode now! Watch this movie now, you won’t regret it!

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Hello there, I’m Polina. I bet you already know me 🙂 Today I decided that it was my turn to tell you about our gorgeous vacation. At first we went to the beach to swim and sunbathe, and to check out a famous local bar. Though it wan’t very easy to find, we liked that place very much. Jamaican flags, reggae music, tasty cocktails… Awesome! Then I cooked a tasty dinner for everybody. After eating Ilya and Eric started playing football on their computer. Well, Rita and me decided that we could do something better than wait for them to finish playing. So we went to take a shower together, and when I saw Rita’s naked beautiful body, I got turned on. We started washing each other, and I realised Rita was aroused too. Even though we love our boys, we couldn’t resist making love at Porn Traveling.
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After our hot lesbian games in the shower, Rita and me were in a very good mood, and we wanted to party. So the four of us went to see Thai box, which was very exciting, and then we went to a cool doscoteque. We got drunk and danced till early morning. My tired feet hurt and I hardly made it to our hotel. However, I still had some energy to make love to my supersexy boyfriend. Besides, I get so horny when I’m drunk! I love blowing him, this is so exciting to watch him moan with pleasure. This makes me really turned on. Ilya banged me really hard, and I must confess that I loved it. We even tried anal sex, but it didn’t really work out. Well, I’m sure we’ll try again soon, because I want to experience everything with him.